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Together we

are addressing food insecurity

We work closely with our partners to design human-centered solutions for today's most complex challenges. 

The  issues we face are ambiguous and complex.  More than ever, today’s challenges require solutions that are based upon collective approaches that emphasize long term and broad stakeholder involvement. Our approach helps mission based organizations develop creative approaches to address these difficult challenges and empower those most effected. 
Collaborate with innovators and organizations locally
Get support towards a shared challenge
Accelerate ideas that matter

What does innovation look like? 

We see each initiative as a journey, not a destination. Things change, we learn, and adjust as we make progress. We help our partners design and facilitate this journey.

Latest Blog Stories

Learn how we are engaging our communities and the discoveries we are making along the way. 

Addressing today's challenges are too big and complex to do alone, so we connect people here locally to co-create solutions together.