A competition to re-imagine Park Avenue


Dynamic Streets are about simplicity with variables and constants. Taking a human centered approach to Park Avenue we proposed designing a shared street infused with interactive technology to improve pedestrian safety while allowing enough flexibility to evolve as culture and demand changes. Signs are removed, striping is limited, and the materials have a consistent feel from sidewalk to road, requiring drivers and pedestrians to become more alert and cooperative.  


For this project we proposed using pedestrian density sensors to help moderate speed, traffic, lane management, and taxi hailing. These sensors would allow the lane width and speed limit to change based on pedestrian traffic and would be paired with ride sharing services to reduce traffic by offering services only when they are in demand. Long term it would allow the median to evolve alongside transit options.


Additionally we proposed using smaller cars by both reducing lane widths and designing median parking spaces for small EV vehicles. This would greatly improve pedestrian safety and allow freed up street space to be reclaimed for public use. Charging stations would be installed throughout the median and would tie into the adjacent bike networks to help complete the last mile of transit. Additionally an online platform would sub divide the median into lots. These lots could be leased at will by the community allowing the median and the street to take on a variety of functions on the fly or based on pre-selected themes. This in conjunction with the sensor technology would help regain street space and provide pedestrians with maximum flexibility. 

The entrepreneurial community was also considered as part of the strategy. By bringing an audience to the front doors of established Fortune 500 companies the project would be the first step in showcasing radical new technologies to investors and diplomats.  

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