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How do we best help college students experiencing homelessness? 

The Challenge: 

What comes to mind when you think of a homeless person? Would you think college student? A recent study done by Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab discovered that about 11% of college students are experiencing homelessness at Dallas County Community College.  A higher percentage are housing and food insecure. Locally in Tarrant County one of the largest homeless groups is students (k-12). As we begin to understand the complexity of this challenge our goal is to find ways to address the immediate needs as we design the architecture of the solution. 

59% of students worry about having enough money to pay for school

All stats are from the 2018 Trellis Research Student Financial Wellness Survey

The Strategy

We are in the preliminary stages of forming our cohort and have identified housing insecurity as starting point to deploying our first pilots. As we transition from strictly engaging our audience to conducting experiments we are excited to see what radical new prototypes we can develop to help college students overcome homelessness.